Thursday, 3 May 2018

@LabelLit You're A Hit

At first, Maria McManus' call for poets to join @LabelLit for Poetry Day Ireland 2018 was an opportunity I only considered retweeting, as in, 
"Hey, all you poets out there? Here's something you could be doing for #PoetryDayIRL." 

Then came the lightbulb moment... 
I'm a writer and course facilitator, I'm already working with creative writers in
why not facilitate an @LabelLit night? Maria was up for the idea and it was great craic meeting her behind Europa Bus Centre Belfast to collect my dodgy-looking parcel of labels. As the pictures show, once we got writing we were soon @LabelLit addicts.
And here's where the labels from the tables ended up for lucky Finders Tweeters on 26 April 2018... shopping trolleys, small dogs, diggers, knackered bicycles, boats, parks, shops, barbers, random railings, swimming pools, cafes, bus, Dart, Luas, university campus, umbrellas, writing centres, libraries, leaning against pints in bars, statues, you name it... all in the following exotic locations: 
Larne, Ballyclare, all over Dublin and in particular shamelessly photobombing the Irish Writers Centre A Poet's Rising Promenade, Dunboyne, Wexford Town, Oylegate, Kilmore Quay, Dublin Airport, Chicago and partying in Amsterdam (Kate, you lucky duck).
If you find a @LabelLit please do take a photo and email to me at or Tweet to @fionamkorourke and @LabelLit

Thanks to the @LabelLit writers Collette Lawlor, Martha Higgins, Anne McDonald, Roisin O Gribin from CollettesKitchen, Dan McPartlin & Rachel O'Rourke from D7Fizzbro, Kate the Tintern to Amsterdam link via WriteDownTheLane, Úna the coffee queen in Wexford, my parents for circulating the Larne labels, Tierney in Chicago, and Maria McManus for inspiring and organising @LabelLit poetry in communities. I hope our labels find new homes and make people smile.

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